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Going green & voltage optomisation

Voltage optimisation made simple

Voltage optimisation is an energy-saving technique that orders and reduces the voltage supply to your home. By reducing the voltage supply, it reduces the energy losses in your electrical appliances.Allow us to explain.Take a device that's intended to work anywhere in Europe, such as a toaster. A toaster has an optimum operating point of around 220V. The average voltage supply in the UK, however, is anything up to and above 250v.

Of course, the toaster will deliver on the voltage provided, which as we've mentioned averages up to 250v in the UK. The additional power will increase running costs, and the added heat, while probably burning the toast, will also shorten the appliances life.

Easy. Remove the difference between the current supply voltage and the optimum voltage required. Doing so will enable your device, in this case, the toaster, to operate at its most efficient level and prolong its life!With a growing demand to reduce energy consumption and minimise our carbon footprint, we've helped over 1000 people save on their energy bills. We can turn your electrics green by installing a voltage optimiser (link to page).

Going green

It's probably fair to say that when we think of waste, we don't always picture energy waste. After all, waste is waste, whether it's wasted energy or vegetable peelings.

Installing a voltage optimiser can transform your house into a greener, more productive and energy-efficient home. This little bit of kit that sits between the distribution transformer and the main low voltage distribution board will transform your home.While we're can't control a government's policy on tackling global warming, or impact on what country signs what treaty, we can do our little bit to help. Collectively we can make a BIG difference and help protect the most vulnerable in our society and the wider world.So, what are you waiting for?! Contact us (link) today for more information on how to achieve your green equilibrium.

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